Press review

Occasionally people speak and write about us. We are very pleased and therefore we are gathering a few examples here. If you want to write and report about us, require information or images, please contact us here.

Alex Mendham, "Puttin 'on the Ritz"

Alex Mendham CD Puttin' on the Ritz mit Boutonnière

Since 2020 Herr von Welt equips the British crooner and orchestra leader Alex Mendham and his fellow musicians with Boutonnières: "I am in receipt of two of the most beautiful silk boutonnières I have ever seen. Herr von Welt are masters of their craft. When it comes to handmade lapel flowers they are without parallel. The very best. Collaborating with them is a dream come true. They really care about attention to detail and have real passion about their tradition. There's an exquisite limited edition flower tailor made for the orchestra available." Check the upcoming performance dates here.

My Modern Darcy, Hong Kong

Blog My Modern Darcy Boutonnière

Under the title "Floral legacy - Boutonnière by Herr von Welt, Berlin" writes the author of My Modern Darcy from far away Hong Kong 2019: "Coming across the delicately made boutonnière collection by Berliner mens accessory house, Herr von Welt, which specializes refined classic mens accessories, I have no idea that how profound it is for a story of a boutonnière can be! And how the distinguish and rigorous workmanship it was behind. One of the most unique thing about the boutonnière by Herr von Welt, is that the "flower" looks extremely real and natural! "

Tweed Magazin, the best online men's outfitters

Tweed Magazin Die besten Herrenausstatter - Herr von Welt Onlineshop

We are honored: That Tweed magazine takes us on his illustrious list of the best online men's outfitters in June / July 2019 and quotes us as follows: "The gentleman with taste should stroll through the shopping streets of Vienna, London's club district Westend and Berlin's grand boulevards and be inspired by the displays of fascinating shops there to buy." But it can also be useful to buy an item of clothing online.

Lady Blog, the classic way of life

Lady Blog - Wir fordern ein Revival der Knopflochblume

In February 2019, the Lady blog calls a revival of the buttonhole: "In principle, white flowers are ideal during the day, while evening wear is the ideal stage for a red variant. The gardenia, by the way, a favorite of Cary Grant, or the cornflower as a boutonnière are particularly suitable. "

The Heritage Post, magazine for men's culture

The Heritage Post

In April 2018 The Heritage Post attention to us, more precisely to Ralph's then handsome mustache. At that time Herr von Welt still sells shaving products from London - and we were all pleased about this beautiful publication. 

The Chap, The Anarcho-Dandyist's Manifesto

The Chap Magazin

In October 2015, the British Chap magazine crowns Ralph a King of Chaps. With a boutonnière in his buttonhole, his likeness can be unfolded in the middle of the magazine.

Maximilian Mogg, blog

Maximilian Mogg - Blog Boutonnière

Under the title "Boutonnière - The Forgotten Art" writes Maximilian Mogg 2016: "The boutonnière is very multi-faceted, since basically every flower comes into question. To get more detailed information about their meanings or the half-life without water, see a good florist or the book “The Boutonniere - Style on One's Lapel” by Umberto Angeloni. Second, a wide range of Boutonnieres can be found at one of our favorite online shops Herr von Welt."