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Rolled gold cufflinks


    You never have enough

    A happy coincidence led us to the warehouse of a manufactory with stocks from the 40s to the 80s. Some by Bijoux-Murat from Paris, others made in Germany. All made of gold double - mostly with sparkling and shimmering in many colors Glass crystals.

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    1 product

    Doublé gold from vintage stocks

    Cufflinks are one of those things you never have enough of. Gold Doublé: A robust and durable gold layer is created by up to 120 tons of pressure and almost 850 degrees. This mechanical gold plating is considered to be more abrasion-resistant than galvanic gold plating. Rolled gold double is a mark of quality. The term "Doublé" (English: rolled gold, French: or laminé) has been protected since 1923. According to DIN 8237, the fineness of the coating may not be specified. This would be contrary to the Stamp Act. And who could disagree with this?

    Rolled gold and glass stones

    Our cufflinks with glass crystals are made of rolled gold (double gold). All vintage from the manufactory's sample case.

    Cufflinks glass crystal

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    Our selection of animal brooches with enamel, rolled gold and glass crystals also comes from the sample stocks of a German manufacturer.

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