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Bouquets for your lapels


    Bouquets and tuffs

    A small bouquet of flowers, a bouquet, a floral arrangement for the lapel - called "Tuff" in the men's breviary from 1913: "In the afternoon with tea, a Tuff violet looks very distinctive in the cut away - five to six stems." Depending on the purpose, the fashions vary: meadow flowers at a picnic or at a rural wedding, alpine in the mountains and so on.

    30 products

    30 products

    Boutonnières by nature

    Like freshly picked, these boutonnières are "flowered" by hand in Saxon Switzerland for the gentleman's buttonhole. How about a daring one Bachnelkenwurz made of hand-dyed silk as a boutonnière? The local flora often seems quite exotic to us city dwellers. Oh yes, here you can also find our exotic-tropical buttonhole flowers: exotic buttonholes.

    Freshly picked

    Our buttercup is worked with particular attention to detail. Two open flowers and a silky bud. It adorns the buttonhole and stands for summer.

    Butterblume 3er

    Our bestseller: the edelweiss

    The edelweiss symbolizes Switzerland. Worn on the lapel as a boutonniere, it definitely stands for a certain bond with the mountain world.

    Edelweiß Buttonhole

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