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Dotted suspenders


    Suspenders with dots - and dots

    Trendsetters of bygone, more elegant days made the dots socially acceptable: the Duke of Windsor, Adolphe Menjou, Gary Cooper - just to name a few. Today, these dots, no matter what size, are not just considered suspenders, an integral part of the Gentleman's wardrobe.
    28 products

    28 products

    Suspenders with 'polka dots'

    Nobody knows exactly why it is called polka dots in English. Whether the folk dance of the same name is involved - that too remains a mystery. What is certain is that the beautiful, evenly distributed dots were first seen on the dresses of fiery Spanish women dancing flamenco in the 19th century. Then, in 1926, Miss America wore a polka dot bathing suit (followed by Minnie Mouse) - and the triumph of the cheerful polka dots was unstoppable.

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    Suspenders with stripes

    You can see it in our collection: we have a soft spot for stripes. Regardless of whether they are striped horizontally or vertically - we love them. Especially the regimental stripes!

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