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Knee socks


    Luxury knitwear by Sozzi Calze

    Milan, 1912. The Sozzi brothers recognized the fashion signs of the times and began producing high-quality men's socks. The traditional company is still family-owned and is managed by Franco Sozzi, the son of one of the founders. All models of men's socks are characterized by an excellent fit and slip resistance. Hosiery of this quality is difficult to find today - only a few companies still appreciate this men's accessory as it is actually due. You will find the socks in the right size and made of different materials, e.g. cotton, elastane or cashmere. Different colors are also available. Are you looking for a matching cardigan? You're welcome to look here!

    The knitted classic

    Our cardigans are knitted in Scotland. Don't be fooled by the word knitting machine - the amount of manual work here is enormous.



    The similarities between knee socks and knitted ties: Both are made on circular knitting machines, the finish is done by hand.

    Knit ties

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