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Suspenders with loops to button


    Suspenders to button

    The width of all suspenders is approx. 3.5 cm; the length is continuously adjustable. All men's suspenders with buttons have robust fabric loops that are sewn with leather flaps. Buttons are included in the gift box.
    114 products

    114 products

    To button - probably the most elegant braces

    Suspenders are on the one hand an extremely practical, but on the other hand also a fashionable detail of classic men's fashion. But: does the pants know that too? Occasionally yes. And these pants have buttons on the inside or outside of the waistband that allow their wearer to use suspenders with loops. A complete set of matching buttons is included with our suspenders and is also quickly sewn on. Especially with high-cut trousers, such elegant models cut a good figure. They come in different colors to match any outfit. We have deliberately avoided a big brand that has its products mass-produced and always rely on the best quality for all braces. Feel free to browse through ours other categories, like the Cravats, and find the right product.

    Suspenders with stripes

    You notice it in our collection: we have a soft spot for stripes. Regardless of whether they are striped horizontally or vertically - we love them. Especially the regimental stripes!

    Striped Suspenders

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