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Der Herr von Welt von hinten betrachtet mit kamelhaarfarbener Strickjacke

Who is this Herr von Welt that is constantly being talked about here? Well, that's still unclear for the time being. What is certain, however, is who or what he is not: no ordinary man. More like an everyone with stylistic ambitions, an advocate of bespoke clothing and a lover of handmade shoes. A seeker, a discoverer. Carried by such a downright Humboldtian spirit of research, we keep coming across good things. And that for over thirty years.

Founder Andreas Thenhaus

The public interest in fine handcrafted accessories rose steadily, more and more often we were called in as consultants - until we finally got carried away in 2016 to set up an online shop. The range of men's accessories is growing in homeopathic doses. Manufactured exclusively in small factories, some with family tradition spanning several generations and always with dedication and passion.


Herr von Welt mit Hosenträgern aus dem Shop und einer Tasse Tee

The heads behind it

We - that is Ralph Joseph and Andreas Thenhaus. Ralph is an expert in classic and contemporary fashion for men with a strong sense of style. Since 1983 he has been dealing with exclusive men's fashion as a retailer. In 2015 he developed his own label RALPH | BERLIN - high-quality, individually hand-sewn men's scarves in the Berlin studio. In the same year The Chap Magazine named him "King of Chaps". By the way, Ralph can be seen every now and then as a film extra.

Ralph Joseph Thenhaus

Und hier der zweite Gründer und Mit-Inhaber: Ralph Joseph Thenhaus

He is not involved in the operational business of the online shop, because his professional and personal passion belongs primarily to the theatre. Andreas takes care of online, marketing and sales. As a bookseller, his last stop was in 1995 at Hatchard's booksellers in London; England's oldest bookstore and institution between Jermyn Street, St. James's Street and Savile Row. Here, in the middle of the "men's clubland", his affinity for exclusive tailoring, accessories, grooming for gentlemen and gin and tonic is manifested. From 1996, Andreas worked for various television editorial teams for more than twenty years. He also works as a consultant for interior design. Most recently, Andreas designed the interior of the Berlin tailor Maximilian Mogg.


Maximilian Mogg Berlin, Interiordesign Andreas Thenhaus

About the origin of things

While traveling and through recommendations, we always find fantastic craft businesses that dedicate themselves to their work with passion. In times of factory-made products, which are often produced under poor conditions in cheap quality, it is a relief to discover a care and slowness that is reflected in the finished product in the best possible way. For us this is real luxury - and that's why we like to write our name on it.

Herr von Welt Herrenaccessoires aus Berlin

We love to write our name on it: Herr von Welt

In the meantime we no longer look for things, no, they find us. We are happy to tell you about the design and origin in our online shop, because the story behind it belongs to the object. In earlier times, a centerpiece, a decorative bowl, a porcelain object or something richly decorated made of silver was placed in the middle of an opulently laid table - not for practical reasons, no: the part should stimulate conversation. And that's the way it is with a beautiful men's accessory. Show it off, be amazed and tell the story behind it. Here at Herr von Welt, like a cabinet of curiosities, we gather those things that we particularly like and appreciate.

Herr von Welt mit Hosenträgern und Strickkrawatte vor dem Musikarchiv

About collecting and preserving

In addition to fashion and accessories, opera lover Ralph primarily collects music and has an impressive archive consisting of more than 10,000 CDs, LPs, signed writings and original photographs. Andreas gathers antiques and art (Balthus, Denton Welch, Oswald Petersen, Robert Pudlich, Adolf Pirsch etc.) around him. We have a passion for the beautiful in life. As a men's accessory, a little of this spirit, tucked away in the pocket of the jacket or in the buttonhole, can be carried out into the world. When like-minded people meet, one nods in appreciation to one another. Try it!

Boutonnière aus Seide im Onlineshop für Luxus-Herrenaccessoires

Silk boutonnière im Knopfloch, handkerchief and knitted tie

At home the collectibles are kept in the beautiful boxes supplied. Most of our gift boxes come from a Berlin family company that was founded in 1869 as a hat box manufacturer. Every manufacturer and supplier is hand-picked by us - with a view to the quality and origin of the "ingredients". The shipping boxes and packaging materials at Herr von Welt are manufactured in Germany. According to the Packaging Act, we are registered in the packaging register, licensed by "Der Grüne Punkt" and always strive to avoid unnecessary packaging.

Photos: Flory Gründig


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