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    Follower: Also for the Lord?

    Whether the inclined lord of the world should wear a chain around his neck or not - that seems to us to be a question of faith. Our pendants come from German production (60s to 80s) and are also ideal as a gift for women.

    Pendant - also as a gift for the lady

    Some see the luxuriantly hairy (hopefully tanned) man's chest with a golden pendant or a shark's tooth on a leather chain in their mind's eye - and fundamentally reject it. But it can also be more subtle and less lavish. Like everything in terms of fashion and style, this is also left to the taste and intuition of the gentleman. We think: everything in its time - and like to wear a chain around our neck now and then. Admittedly, this is usually a bit subtle and is usually reserved for summer days and evenings.

    Cufflinks glass crystal

    Our cufflinks are made of gold double with glass crystals - very nice light refraction. From the manufactory's sample case - well protected for decades.

    Cufflinks glass crystal

    Broschen und Anstecker

    Chance led us to a manufacturer of costume jewellery; particularly to its vintage sample stocks. Brooches - also for the Lady.

    Nrooches and pins

    Who we are

    If you're wondering who this Herr von Weltis and who is behind it, you can find out more about the idea, the curators and their motives here.

    About us