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Striped suspenders


    Regimentsstreifen & Co.

    Stripes, even those on suspenders, vary fundamentally in width - as well as in their seemingly endless combination possibilities with other stripes. As if that weren't enough, they also occasionally change direction.
    99 products

    99 products

    Suspenders with stripes: lengthwise and crosswise

    Stripes on suspenders, sometimes too silk suspenders, often reminiscent of traditional regimental stripes. Originally, those stripes (on braces, regimental ties) were used by British and American units to identify the correct regiment - and it is often considered improper and embarrassing to wear real regimental stripes for purely fashion reasons. So rest assured: none of our striped ones Hosen­träger leads to such confusion. A special highlight are the wide and horizontally striped models.

    Suspenders with dots

    We try to have models with dots in all collections. Especially with ours suspenders, knit ties and loops/flies.

    Dotted Suspenders

    Suspenders made of silk

    Tie silk: the pinnacle of men's suspenders. A masterpiece by our manufacturer in Treviso that we are particularly proud of.

    Silk braces

    Who we are

    If you're wondering who this Herr von Weltis and who is behind it, you can find out more about the idea, the curators and their motives here.

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