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Boutonnière exotic


    Exotic boutonnières

    As a real alternative to clove, rose & Co. in the gentleman's buttonhole can these exotic buttonholes be worn anywhere and anytime. But they probably look their best on festive occasions with a tuxedo (if there is no shawl collar) or tails - provided the latter has a buttonhole. Our tip: Have your expert tailor add a buttonhole to the tailcoat.

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    The boutonnière with the white dinner jacket

    The regions of origin of our exotic flowers give a subtle indication of where they are traditionally worn: in tropical, subtropical, equatorial and other sunny areas - where the white "Mess Jacket" or the white tuxedo is also at home in classic men's fashion. Look out for this beautiful detail in movies from the 1930s and 1940s. Today we don't see it that closely anymore.

    The white gardenia

    Our white gardenia is perfect for tuxedos and tailcoats; but also cuts a fine figure in the gentleman's buttonhole on less festive occasions.

    Gardenia white

    Tip: the Camellia

    The camellia represents sensitivity, romance and the elegant lifestyle of the Belle Époque. A good choice for visiting the opera with Lady of the Camellias.

    Camellia Magenta

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