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    Carlo Fumeo: the silk knitted tie

    Our silk knitted ties come from Italy, more precisely from Lombardy. Our manufacturer has been specializing in the production of the finest silk knitwear since 1932 and today produces our knitted ties on partly historical equipment. The finish, meaning the fine sewing work, is done as always purely by hand.

    45 products

    45 products

    Fine silk knit from Lombardy

    The knitted tie from an exquisite material: silk. There's the tie in different colours and it gives the respective outfit a special touch due to the fact that each color can be combined. Apart from the particularly fine silk knit, the grip, which is particularly noticeable when knotting, most of our ties are tapered at the front and back. The width of our ties also sets an impressive standard: mostly around 8.5 cm. Please also note the silk grosgrain ribbon attached to the inside for reinforcement.

    Tradition since 1932

    Carlo Fumeo: old craftsmanship, traditional work processes, the finest quality with the highest standards - nothing has changed here since the company was founded.

    Brands: Carlo Fumeo

    The revival of the knitted tie

    Knit ties were a big theme in 1920s and 1930s fashion. In the 1950s they got narrower and after that - see for yourself.


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