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    Accessories for men - the fashionable finishing touch

    The Herr von Welt focuses on men's accessories. We were able to win traditional, mostly Italian family manufacturers for us as top brands to produce fine men's accessories. Regularly we pay visits to our manufacturers in Naples, Florence and Treviso, among others. Not to mention the picturesque Saxon Switzerland - where our boutonnières are "flowered". 

    479 products

    479 products

    Handmade: our men's accessories

    There is no question if to round off your look with the right accessories, but which accessories to match. Be it the handmade buttonhole flower, the boutonnière, or a classic silk tie. In a world where everyone wears an outfit from overpriced, made in China brands, the trend is going back to Awareness of quality clothing and accessories for men. Nowadays, the gentlemen of the world make a statement with something special. Our top brands are manufactories and family businesses that produce men's accessories such as ties, belts, jewelery and more by hand and in small quantities in order to present special products of exceptional value. These include the handmade ones in Saxon Switzerland buttonhole flowers, called Boutonnières. Ours are mainly made of silk cravats (aka Ascot Ties), ties and bow ties such as pocket squares. The almost seamless cases as well as the hand-braided leather belts and leather braces also come from Italy. Handpicked: We know our accessories manufacturers personally and mostly develop our collections on site.

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    If you're wondering who this Herr von Welt is and who is behind it, you can find out more about the idea, the curators and their motives here.

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    An overview of our manufacturers, those family manufacturers and traditional companies that manufacture our products - and information about our brands (brands).

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    Reduced items from expiring collections, samples and individual pieces. It's worth taking a look occasionally, because cheap doesn't have to mean cheap.