Rote Rose aus Seide als Boutonnière

Boutonnière rose


    The silk rose

    In addition to the absolute classic buttonhole, the carnation, is found on the popularity scale of buttonholes the rose at the top. A subtle one silkflower in particularly beautiful color nuances. Perfect for the tuxedo in the evening as well as the lapel of the day suit. A classic of men's fashion - versatile.

    A rose in the buttonhole

    Naturally grown roses are somewhat difficult to pin on the lapel. The flowers are often too large or too bulky, thorns have to be removed on the stem - and like most flowers, they do not grow towards the viewer, but up towards the sun. Our silk roses are so-called fashion flowers, the rose blossom does not represent a specific type of rose, but is symbolic for all roses.

    The Watteau touch on the lapel

    Our rose in delicate, powdery and slightly wilted old rose is reminiscent of paintings by Antoine Watteau and Jean-Honoré Fragonard. Perfect for the wedding.

    Boutonnière Rose altrosa

    Mrs. Krüger at work

    Silk flowers have been produced in Saxon Switzerland since 1834. Each is built by hand. Historical tools are used here.


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