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Pocket squares


    The pocket square - His Master's Choice

    Waistcoat, jacket, tie and handkerchief, these are the fashion-conscious man's weapons and important components of the suit. Pocket squares complement the outfit in a subtle way and can be varied depending on the occasion, whether business or casual, so that they match the respective tie or color of the suit.

    121 products

    121 products

    A splash of color in the breast pocket

    Called a 'pochette' in France and a 'pocket square' in England, such a handkerchief is always a men's accessory that knows its place exactly: tucked away in the breast pocket, folded in a variety of ways, it provides a splash of colour, more or less discreet, and complements the carefully chosen wardrobe of the gentleman in the very best way. In the Biedermeier period, colorful scarves adorned the breast pockets of frock coats and the like. The tailcoat, which had no breast pocket at that time, had to be replaced with one white carnation content. In the 1930s came sets consisting of Kra­watte (or ribbon) and a matching handkerchief - we don't like it at all, as it seems somewhat unimaginative. Ready folded handkerchiefs are also negligible. the Herr von Welt always folds itself.

    Linen pocket squares

    The linen fabrics come from weaving mills in the Netherlands and Lithuania. The handkerchiefs are sewn for us and carefully embroidered in Hamburg.

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    Cloth handkerchiefs

    A loyal companion and often used as a pocket handkerchief: our fabric handkerchiefs with a satin edge. Manufacturer: Alfred Pilz and Pelens & Loick. As before!

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    If you're wondering who this Herr von Welt is and who is behind it, you can find out more about the idea, the curators and their motives here.

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