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    Knitted ties historically

    At Carlo Fumeo it still rattles and whirrs as it did in 1932, the year the traditional manufactory was founded: the impressive machinery, the traditional work processes, the very finest quality with the highest standards - nothing has changed in the production methods since then.
    45 products

    45 products

    Knitted in Lombardy

    Here in Lombardy, the craftsmanship was passed on from father to son and the timelessly elegant men's accessories are still made on the lovingly maintained historical circular knitting machines and with a lot of manual work and know-how. How nice that something like this still exists in our fast-paced world. Our collections in the shop: knitted ties monochrome, dotted, patterned and striped.

    Knitwear since 1932

    When the brothers Ernesto and Carlo Fumeo founded their manufactory, it all started with fine hosiery for women. A trip to Germany changed everything.

    Fumeo knit ties

    Circular knit

    The knitting machines purchased in Germany still rattle today as they did back then, are cherished and cared for - and produce the finest knitted ties for men worldwide.

    Knit ties striped

    Crafts from Italy

    In Lentante sul Seveso, Italy, since the 1950s (here nylon stockings replaced silk stockings), everything has been exclusively about knitwear for men.

    Knitted ties historically