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Suspenders paisley pattern


    Scottish pattern with exotic roots

    Brightly colored Indian patterns such as paisley were all the rage in the late 19th century. The name comes from a Scottish island, and yet the origin of the pattern is Persian and Indian. As soon as the 15th Lord of Hay of Newhall included the paisley pattern in his tartan (ie the "family pattern"), Queen Victoria took a liking to it.
    24 products

    24 products

    Timelessly elegant: Paisley

    the Herr von Welt is always looking for something special. And this "special" can be very modern, very colourful, checkered but also extremely discreet - or it can also be a retrospective. A look at men's fashion and men's accessories from a bygone era Mus­ter and Far­ben another time - always with an eye on the suspenders fashion trends of today.

    The classic: polka dots

    We strive to have models with dots available everywhere. Especially with ours suspenders, knit ties and bow ties.

    Suspenders with dots

    About buttons

    Find out the most comfortable place for yourself. Our graphic with the centimeter information is only intended to provide guide values. We include a set of buttons.


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