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Suspenders silk


    Suspenders made of tie silk

    With silk suspenders, it should be noted that the suspenders unfold their elastic effect on the back part, while the front view of the inclined strap is particularly effective. In short: silk suspenders are extremely elegant!
    97 products

    97 products

    Silk suspenders for discerning wearers

    Hosen­träger, Bretelle, Braces: This is the declared passion of a rather small and particularly competent family business near Venice. We develop the design and color scheme with the manufacturer, and each suspender is then made individually by hand on site in Italy. There is a portion of passion in every suspender made of silk, which benefits the discerning customer. However, since passion for craftsmanship alone is not enough, high-quality materials are used. Sometimes, in the case of the particularly elegant models, silk from Italy; partly also jacquard-woven tie silk of the very best quality. Not the right one? You're welcome to look here according to other models and categories.

    Braces wool

    Our special tip are suspenders made of noble materials such as e.g. silk and, as can be seen in the picture, virgin wool. Or a mixture of both.

    Suspenders made of wool

    Suspenders grosgrain

    A very dense, solid cotton fabric with transverse ribs and an unobtrusive, silky sheen. In England they call it euphonious: Grosgrain Ribbon.

    Suspenders grosgrain

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