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    Leather processing in the family business

    The peculiarity of the fine leather goods from the area around Florence is by no means obvious, but rather in the hand. The processed calf leather, traditionally vegetable tanned in and around Florence, is called Cuoietto and is seemingly seamlessly joined together. Our braided leather belts and -braces come from another family business in Treviso, Italy.
    77 products

    77 products

    Craftsmanship: leather goods from Florence

    Where the leather edges meet during processing, the Coltella is used in Florence. The fibers are thinned out with this (very) sharp knife. The leather is soaked in water, immediately pulled over a wooden blank, nailed and beaten into shape. After that, everything is "sealed" with a hot iron. In order to achieve the characteristic firmness of the leather work of art, a vegetable glue is added. After gentle drying in the drying room (similar to a humidor for tobacco products), each piece is given a varnish made from natural pigments and carefully polished by hand.

    Leather belt and braces

    In Treviso, near Venice, our belts are braided by hand. The same family business also makes our suspenders-

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    The people behind

    Vasco and Fabio Campanni provide ours purses and Cases near Florence. This is where unique pieces of leather are created - an old traditional craft.

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    Who we are

    If you're wondering who this Herr von Weltis and who is behind it, you can find out more about the idea, the curators behind it and their motives here.

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