Florentiner Schüttelbörse, Kleingeldbörse für Münzen von CAF aus Florenz im Onlineshop kaufen

Coin purses


    The hand flatterer for small change

    In addition to coins, the leather wallet is usually already overflowing with plastic cards and receipts. This is where a classic Italian men's accessory comes into play: Tacco, the leather wallet made from Florentine calfskin. Completely without a seam, not even on the lid, small and flat, it takes coins inside. Stored in the trouser or jacket pocket, the leather dampens rattling noises. The wallet is quick to hand, easy to open and close (the surface tension of the leather helps here) and the coins, once they have slipped forward from the inside, can be removed more clearly than from wallets. Also: a gentleman's hand flatterer. Are you looking for a different color or a different accessory? Feel free to check out anytime here a!

    Who we are

    If you're wondering who this Herr von Weltis and who is behind it, you can find out more about the idea, the curators behind it and their motives here.

    About us

    Father and son in the workshop

    Vasco and Fabio Campanni provide ours shake exchanges and Cases near Florence. Traditional craft. The leather and all ingredients come from the region.

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    Our pen cases for writing instruments. Two fountain pens easily fit in and the clips can be attached to the recesses - or loosely more pens.

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