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    Since 1881 - McGeorge of Scotland

    Cardigans of the classic kind: narrow, body-hugging and straight cut in classic colors. Mother-of-pearl buttons; the button placket is reinforced on the inside with silk rips - there are no gaps even with a tummy. The sleeves have a narrow cut and turn-ups for an individual adjustment of the length.

    Cardigans from Scotland

    During his last trip to Scotland he visited Herr von Welt the traditional manufacturer McGeorge of Scotland - and was enthusiastic about the manufacturing process and the many steps that are still carried out by hand. The quality of this Scottish knitwear was well known. This is how the idea for a first collection for Herr von Welt to create.

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    This collection is knitted exclusively for us from silk on historical equipment in Lombardy. College style or simply sporty and elegant.

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    In 1912, the Sozzi brothers dedicated themselves to the production of the finest hosiery. The manufactory is still in family hands today.

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    If you're wondering who this Herr von Weltis and who is behind it, you can find out more about the idea, the curators and their motives here.

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