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    Suspenders by color

    Here you will find a large part our suspenders - no matter whether with Clipsloops or as a combined model, sorted by color. And, gentlemen, there are more colors than blackWhite and dark blue. Life is an adventure.

    258 products

    258 products

    Braces Inspirations

    Whether for a special occasion or to cope with everyday life, here you will find the right braces in the color you need them. Elsewhere you will find a sorting by the various Material- or types of fastening. Or according to our designs and inspect. Be inspired on the journey to finding the right braces.

    Recommended: Paisley

    Do like countless Indians, the 15th Lord of Hay of Newhall and Queen Victoria: wear paisley patterns. As suspenders an enrichment of the wardrobe.

    Paisley suspenders

    Colorful and daring

    Dear gentlemen, there are actually other colors besides black and dark blue. Dare the new and unknown. Life is an adventure.

    Colorful braces

    Who we are

    If you're wondering who this Herr von Weltis and who is behind it, you can find out more about the idea, the curators and their motives here.

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