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Sozzi Calze


    Craft tradition from Milan

    The quality of Socks and socks from one of the last hosiery manufacturers is unparalleled these days: It is about the very finest design and traditional craftsmanship. The stockings and socks are manufactured in Milan on traditional circular knitting machines.

    Knitwear with tradition

    Family-owned to this day, Sozzi Calze from Milan is one of the last manufacturers of knitwear of this quality. Available only in selected stores.

    Knee socks men

    Quality since 1912

    Some of the historical circular knitting machines are still used today. There is also a lot of manual work. The manufactory is managed by Franco Sozzi, the son of the founder.

    Sozzi stockings

    The men's knee socks

    We are tireless advocates of men's knee socks. It doesn't slip, you feel "dressed" and the trouser leg can safely slide up.

    Knee high stockings