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Sozzi Calze


    Men's stockings from Milan

    In 1912 the Sozzi brothers dedicated themselves to the production of the finest hosiery. The traditional company is still in family hands today and is managed by Franco Sozzi, the son of one of the founders. The quality of the Socks and socks from one of the last hosiery manufacturers are looking for their own kind nowadays: It is about the finest design and traditional craftsmanship. The stockings and socks are made in Milan on traditional circular knitting machines.
    29 products

    29 products

    Handwerkstradition aus Mailand

    Die Qua­lität der Strümpfe und Socken aus ei­ner der letz­ten Strumpf­manu­fak­turen sucht heut­zu­tage Ihres­glei­chen: Es handelt es um al­ler­feinste Mach­art und hand­werk­liche Tra­dition. Hergestellt wer­den die Strümpfe und Socken in Mailand an tra­dition­ellen Rund­strick­maschinen.