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Fully elastic suspenders


    Flexible braces classic

    Fully elastic - that means in the case of suspendersthat these are made of a flexible, fully elastic band at the front and back. Fully elastic suspenders are particularly comfortable and suitable for everyday use.

    115 products

    115 products

    Suspenders for a modern outfit

    For models off silk, Ripsband etc., only the band on the back is made of flexible material. fit at all suspenders to the classic wardrobe as well as to the modern outfit.

    Silk Suspenders

    Our finely woven or printed silk fabrics look high-quality and elegant as suspenders, especially for a festive wardrobe.

    Suspenders silk

    Braided belt fully elastic

    Die Schnalle ist sorgsam mit Leder bezogen - doch der Gürtel, ebenfalls im Veneto handgeflochten, besteht aus elastischen textilen Bändern.

    Vollelastische Gürtel

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