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    Pelo - from tie to handkerchief

    Hermann Pellens and Johannes Loick founded their company in Berlin-Schoeneberg in 1870. The successful entry into the tie and scarf production begins. You may remember: "Pelo ties: the calling card of good taste".
    34 products

    34 products

    Committed to company history

    After the destruction of World War II, the company found itself in Baden-Württemberg and merged with another traditional company: Alfred Pilz. You will therefore find the logo and decoration of both companies on our gift boxes. From now on, in addition to ties, it's all about fine, no: finest, Taschen­tücher. The looms still rattled here up until the 1980s, but today a small manufacturing company in Hungary weaves and sews. Design, packaging and all the ironing, laying and folding are still at home in Aalen. Then as now, the motto is: "exclusivity and quality in the world of good specialist shops".

    Handkerchiefs from Aalen

    Up until the 1980s, there was still buzzing and rattling in Aalen in Baden-Württemberg. It's quieter today: people weave and sew in Hungary; assembled in Aalen.

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    Hand rolled

    As always, some models are rolled by hand. Nothing has changed in the careful manual work with needle and thread.

    Handkerchief hand-rolled

    Pelo and Pilz

    The traditional Berlin brand Pellens & Loick, a term for every gentleman with a tie, and the handkerchief manufacturer Alfred Pilz after the merger in the partner logo.

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