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    Around the neck

    Neckwear - a short English word for many long things. It describes accessories such as scarves, ties, grind and CravatsOur neckwear, be it a tie or a cravat, ascot tie, comes in a Family manufacture made in Italy from silkEach item is checked individually before shipping and only if the quality is found to be good will it be shipped.

    148 products

    148 products

    Verified origin and selected materials

    Because we always do for our customers best quality and the best value for money want to offer, we start with our neckwear selected material. We use exclusively good material like silk knit - in general, high-quality silk is a big topic for us. Polyester, made in China, or mass processing in the factory does not exist with us. You will not only notice this in the price - but, much more importantly, in the special processing. Behind every product are small businesses and people with whom we maintain personal contact.

    Cravat: the "tie scarf"

    Our tie scarves come from two manufactories in Italy - from Naples and from Treviso near Venice. Fine craftsmanship that is second to none.


    Silk knit ties

    Knit ties monochrome, dotted, patterned and striped. All carefully made for us in Lombardy on knitting machines that are almost a hundred years old.

    Knitted ties

    The people behind

    We know the manufacturers of our men's accessories personally and visit them regularly. This is where our collections come from.

    Our manufacturers