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Suspenders grosgrain ribbon


    Suspenders with character

    Grosgrain ribbon? This is a particularly dense cotton fabric with transverse ribs and an unobtrusive, silky sheen. In England: Grosgrain Ribbon. And it is precisely that characteristic shine that makes these suspenders and their wearer look good.
    23 products

    23 products


    Weaving is all about warp and weft, and with classic rib weaving more threads are added during weaving depending on the desired direction of the rib structure. This creates the fine stripes, it sounds complicated, and it is - and it looks particularly good. It doesn't matter whether you call it a cross rip, lengthwise rip, warp rip or weft rip. Ribbed fabric is particularly abrasion and tear resistant, but not elastic. The elastic band on the back of our suspenders in a ribbed weave ensures the usual comfort and elasticity.

    Suspenders silk

    Our silk suspenders are made from Italian tie silk. These look particularly elegant with a festive wardrobe.

    Suspenders made of silk

    Braces wool

    Our tip is suspenders made of noble materials such as e.g. silk and, like here in the picture, virgin wool. You can also find blends of luxury fabrics from Draper's here.

    Suspenders made of wool

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