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Leather belts


    Quality braided by hand

    After more than thirty years he said goodbye Herr von Welt from his most loyal companion, a finely braided leather belt with a leather-covered buckle from a well-known luxury manufacturer. In the search for a worthy replacement, it turned out that most of the braided leather belts available are a bit "loose" and, on the whole, "unstable". Not every belt has to be like this, the manufacturer of our suspenders, a family business in Treviso, not far from Venice, taught us. Our leather belts are available in different colors, including the classic black and brown. But yellow leather belts can also be cleverly combined with your outfit and help men hold their trousers elegantly. Of course, we offer you different models of our leather belts, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Are you looking for another category with leather goods? Have a look here around! There are elastic braided belts here.

    The people behind

    Pictured here: Massimiliano Merlo at work on our leather belts. The leather is processed, cut, braided and sewn in the manufactory.

    More belts

    Also hand braided

    In addition to our braided leather belts, we also have elastic braided belts made from silky, shiny textile ropes in Treviso.

    Braided belts

    Leather suspenders

    Incidentally, our leather braces also come from the same manufactory. Here in the picture: our model for attachment with buttons or clips.

    Leather suspenders