Einstecktuch Crochet Brown - Herr von Welt
Einstecktuch Crochet Brown - Herr von Welt
Einstecktuch Crochet Brown - Herr von Welt

Pocket square Crochet Brown

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Crocheted around by hand: the white pocket square

In Naples, this elegant classic is crocheted in color for us under the pocket square. Just like in the old pattern books from the family manufactory Calabrese from the twenties, we opted for a somewhat firmer cotton poplin. The handkerchief adorns the man's breast pocket and can also be used as a sturdy handkerchief if desired. These towels can be folded particularly well and accurately. They are by no means simply colorful, but rather subtle, classic and accentuated.

Tradition and handicraft from Naples

It is somewhat difficult to find knowledgeable ladies who can or want to do this fine handicraft today. We have succeeded in persuading retired employees of our Neapolitan manufacturer to continue doing their craft for us from home. The beauty here, how soft, lies in the detail.

The crocheted pocket square in detail

  • Material: 100% cotton poplin
  • Edge carefully crocheted by hand
  • Color: White (Crochet: Brown)
  • Size: approx 33x33 cm
  • Item number: POCCO6900000025brown

Our Neapolitan pocket squares come in a white present box with silver embossing "Calabrese, Napoli - dal 1924" and the family crest.