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Boutonnières for Black Tie and White Tie


    Suitable for tuxedo and tailcoat

    Our boutonnières clove, Pink & Co. always cut a good figure in the buttonhole of sophisticated evening wear. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was unthinkable to appear at elegant occasions without a matching flower in your buttonhole. We therefore offer some special lapel flowers with a stem wrapped in black silk. If this peeks out on a black lapel, it doesn't matter at all. In principle, every model can be worn in the buttonhole of an evening suit.
    74 products

    74 products

    According to the occasion

    Such a Bouton­nière can serve as a conversation starter and lead to interesting conversations on a rather boring evening. It is also not too formal for everyday life and certainly not for opera premieres or state receptions. However, it should be chosen according to the occasion and worn with self-confidence - only then can it unfold its full effect. Maximilian Mogg sums it up humorously: "Meanwhile owner of half a dozen boutonnières from lord of the world I can safely say that I have never trimmed my suits better. One boutonniere is the most beautiful conversation opener in conversations with star lawyers, presidents and curb swallows et cetera pp. How was it possible to dress properly without a silk boutonnière?"

    Alex Mendham, London

    Some time ago we were able to win British band leader Alex Mendham as an ambassador for our boutonnières. (Interview and video clip in Blog)

    Nelke 'Alex Mendham'

    Maximilian Mogg, Berlin

    Alongside the classic white and red carnations, the crimson boutonnière is the gentleman's sartorial secret weapon. But you decide for yourself.

    Karmesinrote Nelke

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