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NATO straps


    The bracelet for the men's watch

    They are practical, varied and, in our case, made in France (and not in Asia, as is often the case). Incidentally, it doesn’t have to be a luxury watch right away, the old wristwatch from grandpa’s drawer comes into its own with the Nato strap. Tip: look at the back, Natostrap on - et voilá!


    When it comes to style it comes to James Bond and his brave cast on Her Majesty's Service. This also applies to the topic of watch straps: since 007 in "Goldfinger" he wore his Rolex casually on a striped nylon strap, fashionable watch straps have become socially acceptable. From 1973 the British Ministry of Defense began using similar nylon straps, known as Nato straps and G10 straps. Today, the so-called NATO straps mostly serve a civilian purpose in the service of fashion.