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Alfred Pilz


    Finest handkerchiefs with tradition

    Founded in 1920 in the Bohemian town of Hohenelbe, the mushroom handkerchiefs with their unmistakable company logo quickly became synonymous with cloth handkerchiefs finest workmanship.

    Cloth handkerchiefs by Alfred Pilz

    After the war, the company moved to Aalen, where it was quickly said: "Aalen wipes the world's nose" and "always a healthy nose ahead with Pilz handkerchiefs". The Pilz-Werke merged with the traditional Berlin company Pellens & Loick (Pelo) - our gift boxes therefore refer to both companies in an illustrative manner. Weaving and sewing was done in Aalen up until the 1980s, today in a small clothing factory in Hungary. Design, packaging and all the ironing, folding and laying still take place in Aalen.

    Pelo and Pilz

    The traditional Berlin brand Pellens & Loick, a term for every gentleman with a tie, and the handkerchief manufacturer Alfred Pilz here after the merger in advertising.

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    The sewing

    The sewing room in the old provisions office in Aalen, 1947: Weaving, sewing and tailoring was done here up until the 1980s. The first happens today in Hungary, the finish in Aalen.

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    The mushroom

    Remember those pretty handkerchief sets with a funky twist? We have one model embroidered with the traditional mushroom to commemorate it.

    Handkerchief "Pilz"