Tweedschal Chap - Herr von Welt
Tweedschal Chap - Herr von Welt
Tweedschal Chap - Herr von Welt
Tweedschal Chap - Herr von Welt

Tweed scarf Chap

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Vintage tweed men's scarf from John G. Hardy

It was a particular stroke of luck that RALPH | BERLIN was able to purchase a vintage John G. Hardy fabric from a London tailor. This resulted in these unique items with a high-quality lining made of cotton jacquard and a carrier material for the label made of dupion silk. The upper is a sturdy tweed wool fabric for cool days; nice and rough to the touch - typically tweed. John G. Hardy founded his company in the 1890s and was the first manufacturer to tour the Hebrides and Shetland Islands - making the tweed fabric known worldwide. In 1929 the so-called "Alsport" was created (and this is exactly the quality of fabric used for this tweed scarf): Very British, indeed!

The hand-sewn scarf from Berlin

The scarves from RALPH | BERLIN are individually hand-sewn in small series. There are five copies of each scarf. In the unlikely event that two wearers of the same scarf will meet, we recommend a nod of the head and a joint gin and tonic.

  • Material: 100% virgin wool (tweed by John G. Hardy, London )
  • Lining: 100% cotton jacquard
  • Carrier label: 100% dupion silk
  • Dimensions: approx. 197 x 27 cm
  • Care instructions: dry cleaning
  • Item number: RB16025

Each men's scarf is wrapped in beautiful designer tissue paper and is in a beautiful gift box made of matt black French recycled cardboard - made by a Berlin family company founded in 1869 as a hat box manufacturer. The textile label in the scarf (100% cotton with Öko-Tex® certificate) also comes from German production and is woven in Dortmund.