Schleife Dorset - Herr von Welt
Schleife Dorset - Herr von Welt
Schleife Dorset - Herr von Welt

Bow tie Dorset

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Brown and blue patterned bow

Every bow tie is carefully cut, sewn by hand, labeled and packaged in the heart of Naples - and finally sent to Berlin, to everyone's delight.

To tie yourself or pre-tied

Do it like Winston Churchill, Hercule Poirot and Ian Fleming, who always tied their bow ties themselves - or choose our pre-tied version. This can also be re-tied if necessary.

Variant a: to tie yourself

(Adjustable length)

Variant b: already pre-tied

(Adjustable length and hook to open)

In detail

  • Two variants available (pre-tied or open for self-tie)
  • Material: 100% silk
  • Handcraft from Italy (Calabrese, Naples)
  • Color: brown and blue patterned
  • Width at the ends: approx. 7 cm
  • Length adjustable up to collar size 18 (44)
  • Item number a: galli7900097-004
  • Item number b: paplo7900097-004

Each fly comes in a gift box; a card with instructions for binding is included.